Rio Grande / Bosque Improvements

Welcome to the City of Albuquerque’s website for new and ongoing projects in and around Rio Grande Valley State Park. The intent of this website is to serve as an information source.

The purpose of this project is help make the river a bigger part of people’s lives by improving access, education and conservation opportunities in and around the Rio Grande and the Bosque. By inviting and encouraging people to come and experience the river and the Bosque, more people will become environmental stewards who understand the value, beauty and complexity of the water, lands and natural systems located within our City.

Rio Grande Valley State Park was created with the enactment of the  1983 Rio Grande Valley State Park Act, with the intent that the  “…designation of the Rio Grande Valley State Park will enable people to enjoy the recreation, environmental, educational and wildlife benefits of the river.” Since its creation, the City of Albuquerque Open Space Division and the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District have cooperatively managed Rio Grande Valley State Park (RGVSP) – following the guidelines and management directives that have been developed for RGVSP since its inception, including the Rio Grande Valley State Park Management Plan (1987) and the Bosque Action Plan (1993).

In 2013, the City of Albuquerque allocated money for design and implementation of enhancements to the Rio Grande and the Bosque area between Central Avenue and Interstate 40. The design process started in July 2013 and is ongoing – following rules, regulations and review and approval processes already established for work in the area. Concurrently, scientific monitoring is occurring in potential enhancement areas in order to collect data that will contribute to design development and serve as a baseline for comparison during and after construction.

We understand that there is a high level of interest in any work done in or adjacent to Rio Grande Valley State Park, and the City of Albuquerque is committed to providing regularly updated, accurate project information.  Please explore our website to find updates on the project, project FAQS, project schedule, event information and links to relevant sites related to City of Albuquerque projects and other agency projects in the area.